Safla Ekadashi

Safla Ekadashi Vrat, Lord Shri Krishna tells Yudhishthir – In ancient days, there was a king named Mahishmat who ruled over Champawati. Lumpat was the oldest of his four sons. Lumpat got into bad habits like drinking, gambling etc. His deeds brought financial losses and disrepute to his father and feeling helpless, Mahishmat threw Lumpat out of the kingdom.

Lumpat went into the jungle and started making plans to rob the city in night. He hunted animals in the daytime and returned back to city in the night to commit theft. People were scared of him as he was King’s son. Lumpat also used to eat fruits everyday sitting under a peepal tree. He did not know that peepal tree was very dear to Lord Vishnu. While all this was going on, came the day of Safla Ekadashi. A day before Ekadashi, Lumpak couldn’t sleep owing to too much cold. By morning he was feeling weak and could not stand on his feet. He tried again in the afternoon but in vain. As a result, he could neither eat nor drink anything. Feeling helpless, Lumpat started crying. Sitting under the tree, he kept a fruit in front of him and said, God, what is happening with me? Oh my father! Why I am in such a miserable condition? Please help me, I offer this fruit to you. By default, he remained awake all through the night afterwards.

Unknowingly, Lumpat had observed Safla Ekadashi fast and had appeased Lord Vishnu. Next morning on Dwadashi, a beautiful horse came running and stood still in front of him. Came a voice from the sky with it, which said, Oh lumpat, this horse is for you. Sit on it and go out of the jungle to meet your father. O the son of Mahishmat, you have appeased God by observing Safla Ekadashi vrat and now will get back your lost kingdom.

Lumpat’s joy knew no bounds. He rode on the horse to Champavati city. He got rid of all his sins and became a prince and a devotee to the almighty once again. He touched the feet of his father and Mahishmat anointed him the new king.

He got married thereafter and became a proud father of a son. He had become a religious soul, observing all rituals. After remaining king for a number of years, Lumpat left the kingdom to his son and left for the jungle once again- to spend his rest life in the service of the God.