AHT Seetha Rama Kalyanam

AHT Seetha Rama Kalyanam

Wharf Road, Wendover Memorial Hall, Aylesbury HP22 6HQ

time 9:00 am

May 18, 2019

What is Seetha Ram Kalyanam?

Rama and Seetha represent the ideal Godly husband and wife in the Hindu religion mythology, who are revered and worshipped all over India. Rama’s story, otherwise known as Ramayana, is a great Indian epic. Kalyanotsavam literally means Marriage Festival is there-depiction of the Celestial marriage between Seetha & Rama. It is performed to the Utsava Murti – of Sri Rama and Sita Devi. A purohit (priest) conducts the marriage and an archaka is consecrated to perform other rituals on behalf of the bridegroom. The wedding ceremony is held according to Agamas(rules) that were defined thousands of years before. This is followed by recitation of Vedic mantras and pronouncing the family pedigree of the brides and bridegroom. After the priests perform appropriate homas, the bridegroom and the bride are set next to each other. This is followed by Mangala sutra dharana, Panigrahnam and then Lord and his consort are garlanded.


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