EC Election – 2021

EC Election – 2021

time 7:00 am

March 6, 2021

Notice of Executive Committee Elections – 2021


Since the last date for submitting the expression of interest for the EC positions have gone past on 19th Feb 2021, the appointed election officers have now gone through all the applications. Based on the applications received for different EC roles, they have informed us that there would not be a need to have elections for any of the EC position. The Trust Board is having a meeting in next couple of weeks, and after that they would announce the new Executive Committee members.

Thanks to all for their participation in the election process.

We would strongly request all members to get actively involved, and join the sub-committees where they can make their valuable contribution towards this project. This vision of “Having a Temple in Aylesbury” can never be fulfilled without your active participation.

Also membership renewal is now due for majority of the annual members. So please pay your due membership as soon as possible. This renewal payment will take your membership to 31st March 2022.

Many thanks.

Stay safe!

Best regards,
Aylesbury Hindu Temple Trust
Our vision – “Temple in Aylesbury”

“Together We Can Make This Happen”


Namaskar Members,

Hope you are all fine and staying safe during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Most of you are already familiar with our organization but for the sake of new members here is a brief description:
Aylesbury Hindu Temple (AHT) Trust is a UK charity organisation, aiming to provide a common meeting place for enhancing spiritual, cultural, social, religious and philosophical development based on Hindu principles of duty towards family and society. Initially started by a group of like-minded Hindu individuals and subsequently registered as a ‘Charity Organisation’ with the Charity Commission UK on 28 Nov 2018.

As mentioned in the AHT AGM of Nov 2020, we are pleased to formally announce details about the forthcoming AHT “Executive Committee [EC]” elections.  The EC elections will be held on Saturday, 06th March 2021 between 0700hrs-2200hrs via an online election platform. Due to the ongoing COVID pandemic, AHT Trust Board have decided that an online election will be the only channel via which this election will be executed.

The results of the election will be declared/published on Sunday, 07th March 2021 @ 1700hrs.

AHT trust hereby would like to invite all individuals who have joined AHT Trust as a member (Annual or Life Member) of the trust on or before 31st August 2020 and  Trustees, to send their expression of interest in standing for an EC position.  Please find below the details about the requirement criteria and key dates for the forthcoming elections.

Executive Committee Positions :

President Vice-President
Secretary Joint Secretary
Treasurer Joint Treasurer

Note: One of the seats in each executive role must be occupied by a serving Trustee. This is as per Section 23, Clause 5 of the Constitution Document of the AHT Trust.

Last date of expression of interest for a position on the Executive Committee as nominee: Friday, 19 Feb 2021 @ 2400hrs

Eligibility Criteria and Process to Apply:

  • Only an Annual Member (AM), Life Member (LM) [both memberships as of 31 Aug 2020] or a Trustee of AHT Trust, may express their interest for a position on the Executive Committee
  • Please download and fill all sections of the application form
  • Members/Trustees wishing to stand in the election, need to send the completed application form to .
  • Highlights
    • Express their desire to stand for an EC post.
    • Indicate which EC post they wish to stand for. Please note, you can only stand for a single post.
    • State that they have read and understood what the role and expectation is of a AHT Trust Executive Committee member
    • Provide a statement (no more than 250 words) with their photo (optional). The statement can be about themselves, why they want to stand, what their vision is or any pertinent subject
    • Last date for receiving nominations: Friday, 19 Feb 2021 @ 2400hrs
  • Role/Expectation of EC Member:
    • Practicing Hindu
    • Belief in Hinduism
    • Leadership quality to move the trust initiative forward
    • Attendance in meetings (monthly meetings – 12/year, trust board meeting 4/year) – min 50% physical attendance is required in each of these meetings
    • Promote and drive AHT Trust initiatives
    • Participate and volunteer throughout the year in AHT events
    • Be an ambassador for AHT Trust
    • Expected that the EC Member would take ownership of tasks assigned in various sub-committees (e.g. Finance, IT, Fund raising, membership, events, marketing & promotion, etc)
    • Adhere to AHT Trust laid processes, code of conduct and desired expectation of the role

Note: By showing an interest to stand for an EC  position, the applicant thereby grants AHT Trust an implicit permission to use their personal data, as required by the Trust for conducting a fair and transparent Election. This may include publishing the data on AHT Trust’s Digital channels.

Last but not the least, for those members who have been on the AHT Trust Membership Register as of 31 Aug 2020 and whose membership is due for renewal, we appeal to such members to renew their membership as soon as possible.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Many thanks.

Stay safe!

Best regards,
Aylesbury Hindu Temple Trust
Our vision – “Temple in Aylesbury”

“Together We Can Make This Happen”