AHT Anna Sewa

We at AHT strongly believe in ‘Anna hey poorna bhramha’ meaning ‘Food sustains life hence its none other than the supreme lord’. Bearing this theme in mind AHT has decided to collect food tins and daily essential items [normally available in supermarkets] during our monthly pujas/events. All collected donations will be then handed over to Aylesbury Food Bank. Collection booth will be open during the monthly Pooja on 16 Dec 2018 @ Quarrendon and Meadowcroft Community Centre 147 Meadowcroft, Aylesbury HP19 9HH from 1400hrs until 1630hrs to collect all donations. Please join us in this noble cause and a small gesture in giving something back to the society we live in.

Please find the list of items that may be donated.
1. Chopped Tomatoes/Tinned Vegetables
2. Baked Beans
3. Soup Packets
4. Tissue
5. Nappies
6. Tooth Paste
7. Tooth Brush
8. Jar of Coffee
9. Long Life Milk
10. Rice Pudding
11. Instant Mash
12. Tinned Fruit
13. Ketchup
14. Long Life Fruit Juice
15. Powdered Milk
16. Pasta Sauce
17. Packet Assorted Biscuits
18. Lip Salve
19. Peanut Butter
20. Chocolate
21. Shower Gel
22. Tinned Fruits

P.S. Please pick the items with long expiry.

Collection donated to ‘Aylesbury Food Bank’ so far…